This scene is rather long, but rather famous too. It's the notorious "balcony scene" :) I wonder what I can do to my characters *evil laugh*

ok, i'll settle down...

Asheo and Mistiet
by Robin Kirkman
Act 2, Scene 2

Scene 2: Team Rocket HQ Atheletic Facility

Enter Ash, who has just managed to stagger over that chainlink fence

Ash is mumbling and grumbling about how James makes fun of him for loving, but James has never loved anyone.

All of a sudden, a window fills with light, and it catches Ash's attention. Sillouetted (sp?) in the window is Misty, wearing a towel, and her hair down. Aside from that, she's nude. :P Score 1, Ash.

Ash: Huh? What's that?

The figure moves out onto one of those apartment building "balconies" that are just big enough to fill the cracks between the bricks. Ok, not really that small, but you know what I mean.

Back to the story, the figure steps into the light from a floodlight, and is seen to be Misty.

Ash: Whoa, that's Misty's room! Come on, Misty, turn around. My view sucks.

My, we have an aspiring pervert. Thank god Misty can't hear him.

Ash: Misty, I love you more than anything.
If only you knew...

Oh, who am I fooling?
I bet I'm her one-night fling.
That sure would suck.

All of a sudden, Ash shuts up. Why?


Ash: She said something!
I wonder if she's thinking of me?
That voice, wow.

Misty: Ash, oh Ash, where are you?
Can't you disown the Oaks?
No, I bet he won't. Ash is too stubborn.
In that case, -I- will lose -my- name.

Note- Misty is in her 'super-romantic' mode. You know what I mean.

Ash: [To himself]
Hmm, I could listen further, or I could announce myself now.

Ash doesn't get a chance to decide, cause Misty goes on.

Misty: It's only that you're an Oak that makes you my enemy.
What makes an Oak unfit for me?
Oaks have hands, feet, arms, and faces.

Heh, and everything else I want, too.

If only Ash wasn't Ash Oak.
Exactly what makes a name important?
If I called a bug a "shnordelblat", it'd be just as yucky.
And what if Ash was John or Bob or William?
He'd still kiss good.

Oh, Ash, run away from your name.
If you did, you could trade it for me.

Can we imagine a shell-shocked Ash?

Ash: [Meant to be to himself, but loud enough that Misty hears]
Sure, I'll get rid of my name for you.
After tonight, I'll stop being Ash.

Misty: Huh? Someone heard me? DIE!

Misty throws out the patented Team Rocket Heat Seeking Mallet, which manages to clonk Ash despite the fact that she has no idea where he is.

Ash: Owch!

Misty: Who are you?

Ash: I can't tell you that.
I hate my name now.

Misty: I know that voice... Ash? the Oak?

Ash: Not if you don't like the me.

Misty: How'd you get here?
The walls are tall, and electric wires are stung all over.
There's a whole bunch of mean looking guards too.
If they find you, they'll kill you, no matter -what-
I threaten them with.

Ash: Well, it took a few tries, but I got over.
After all, nothing can stop love.
As for the guards? Who cares?
If i can get in here to be with you, then
I -will- get in here, guards or none.

Misty: If they see you, they'll throw you in a pit with Jessibell.

Ash visibly shudders, but remains somewhat calm.

Ash: There's more power in you then all of her corrections.
Just look sweetly to me, and I'll be mesmirized all day.
I won't notice her.

Misty: I still wouldn't let them see you.
Not even for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Misty must be hungry. After all, she spent her time making out with Ash rather then eating.

Ash: They can't find me. It's dark.

Remember the heat-seeking mallet, Ashy-Boy?

Ash: And even if they did, I'd rather be killed,
then not be here with you.

Misty: That reminds me, how did you get here? TRHQ isn't on any maps...

Ash: I was guided by love. Love for you.

How come Ash is being the romantic one? Isn't that normally characterized by Misty? Oh well, that's how shakespeare wrote it, and I haven't the skill to do it myself.

Misty: You know, if it weren't pretty dark,
you could see me blushing.

You now know that I love you with all my heart.
But how can I know you love me?
Even if you swear to it, that doesn't mean much.
They say that the devil laughs at lovers promises.

I've fallen for you too quickly.
I'm not sure I should do any of this.

I should have been more distant from you,
but you heard me in my privacy.
If i didn't love you, you'd be dead by now.
But I still don't trust you.

Ash: Umm, I swear by the moon that I love you?

Misty: No, that's kinda useless.
The moon starts anew every 28 days.
If you swear by it, you might too.

Ash: Then what -do- I swear by?
How am I supposed to declare by love if i can't declare it?

Misty: Don't swear at all.
If you absolutely must, then swear by yourself.
I promise to believe you then.

Ash: Okay, then.. I swear by my-

Misty: No wait, don't.
This is going way too fast, like lightning.
It's gone before you can announce it's presence.

However, this isn't the end.
Next time we meet, we can start again.

For now, though, go away. Let me think.

Ash: Huh? That's it?

Ash doesn't seem to understand the concept of 'go away'

Misty: What else could you want?

Ash: Just say you love me, and noone else.
I'll do the same.

Misty: Didn't you sneak up on me while I was doing that?
But, I almost wish I hadn't said it.

Ash: Why? You haven't changed your mind, have you?

Misty: Oh, no! just so I could say it again.

Nurse Joy, within the house, is calling out to Misty. It's past her bedtime ;)

Misty: I gotta go, my nurse is calling.

[To Nurse]
I'm coming!

[To Ash]
Stay a little longer, I'll be back.

Misty goes inside, to find out what Nurse Joy needs, leaving Ash twiddling his thumbs.

Misty comes back out onto the deck, now wearing robe. Hey, it's a step up from a towel.

Misty: G'Night, Ash. I gotta go to bed.
But one last thing:
If you want to get married,
which you seem to want very much,
tell me tomorrow.
Tell me where, and what time. I'll be there.

Nurse Joy, offstage: Misty!

Misty: [To Nurse Joy]
I'm coming!

[To Ash]
But if you don't want to go all the way, then

Nurse Joy, offstage: Misty! Come on!

Misty: [To Nurse Joy]
I told you, I'm coming as fast as I can!

[To Ash]
Then stop right now.
Tomorrow, I'll get a messenger to you.

Goodnight! Sleep tight!

Misty runs inside again.

Ash; Man, it sucks to be here without you, Misty.

Ash turns around, and starts to walk away.

Misty runs out again, this time in some pijamas.

Misty: Ash! You still there?
Ooh, I hope so.

Ash turns around, a nice wide smile on his face.

Ash: Yes?

Misty: Ash...

Ash: Yes, love?

Misty: When should I send the messenger?

Ash; Umm, how about nine in the morning?
That good for you?

Misty: I won't forget.
It'll be ages until then.

You know, I forgot why I called you back.

Ash: I'll gladly stay here till you remember.

Misty: No, it's too late.
I need sleep or I'll be grouchy tomorrow.
Goodnight. I love you.

Misty goes inside, presumably to bed. Who knows? Who cares? It's not important...

Ash: I love you too.

Ash walks away, back to where he got inside TRHQ.

End Scene 2


This is fun! I like writing. I wasn't able to keep the characters as in-character as I would have preferred, but that would require -way- too much work on my part.

Hope you liked it! comments/suggestions/whatever to

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